About Us

Jumpzone Productions is internationally recognized as world leader in entertainment production for cultural, stadium, festival, city, fashion, TV, touring and corporate productions. Jumpzone Productions was founded in 1994 on the Island of Rhodes, the same year the company was established in Australia, organizing record launches and concerts then finally co-hosting the Club Med Singles Island Party.

In 2001, Jumpzone Productions founded its Austrian Office and in 2008 we founded our Qatar office which has become our new base of operations. Jumpzone has performed on the world’s largest stages, for the world’s biggest events. Our resume is the who’s who of clients, events and productions.

With a basis in Event Management, Jumpzone has experience and knowledge in all elements in the game of entertainment. In 2003 we made the transition to specialize in entertainment production and in this short time have become one of the premiere entertainment production companies in the world.

Along with the World Class Artist we offer the Turn key solution & support to ensure & guarantee the highest quality of delivery, safety & performance as we go beyond the pure management realm into complete production on each request.