Commachio, Italia | 14. June 2006

  • Director: Yannis Michalandos
  • Client: Collection Events

Yannis Michalandos directed the Entertainment with Viktor Kee, Magda & Aneta, Marin Safin & Mick Godbille......S'filata D'Amore e Mode was created as an act of love on the part of fashion towards the environment, distinctive and dominant theme of the event. The eco lodge offers endless fascination and inspiration to designers stress participants, some of which use eco-friendly materials for the construction of the leaders presented. The event has evolved over time in an event of extraordinary importance, which was attended by some of the greatest designers of national and international broadcast since 2001 on Retequattro in the early evening. The management was entrusted to Natalia Estrada, then Cristina Parodi, Paola Perego and, for some years, the beautiful Emanuela Foliero. Thanks also to the spectacular artistic performances that accompany the catwalk, entrusted to world-renowned artists, and excellent ambassador of the fashion houses