ATP Qatar Exxonmobil Open 2017 Closing Ceremony - 25th Anniversary


  • Director: Yannis Michalandos
  • Client: Qatar Tennis Federation

The Concept was to develop an International Showcase Spectacular to rival that of 2016's Award Winning Show, incorporating 25 Years of the Mens Tournament in Qatar & Traditional Qatari Identity. The challenge was initially placed when authorities would not allow us to implement a Crane to host our Aerial Rigging System & despite it being such a grand celebration the general mood around the region was followed in regards to restrictive budgets.

Further more complete installation would need to be done in Real Time within 3 minutes of "Game, Set & Match...."

The importance was the ability to design a show that satisfies multiple audience requirements; Live World TV Audience, Royal VIPs & 7,500 Viewing Audience from multiple angles with 3D content that generally requires to be viewed from a single narrow point of view for the best result. We managed to achieve that goal by creating multiple points of view & "slight of hand" distractions.

The 3 month proposed production time suddenly became 27 days once the final sign off was confirmed. The original concept was adjusted by the client during production which resulted in further changes to already completed content. Challenging moments in regards to the Fireworks due to new laws in Qatar coupled by cancellations of 80% of flights with Dangerous Goods Cargo out of the USA & Europe resulting in only possible solution with arrival the evening prior to the show and the unknown factor of whether the flight would also be cancelled. Political internal issues also presented us with some fun & games due to many unknown factors. 


The overall concept & objectives were achieved by intimately involving the client in all aspects of the project, an extremely challenging process as the client is often able to change there mind & requires final content to truely understand the process. The result however allowed us to achieve the exact desires & wishes of the client.


To Create a World Class Event that Celebrates & Commerates the Tournament which provides a Wow factor to encapsulate & surpass the 25 years & raise the bar....without breaking the bank....

Jumpzone's Produced the Qatar Exxonmobil Open 2017 Closing Ceremony and 25th Anniversary Celebration. An amazing showcase celebration created & directed by Yannis Michalandos incorporating the Qatari Identity, The Tennis Tournament, Heritage Music, Iconic Moments & the Champions in real time, a World Class State of the Art Flying 13m x 9m Vertical Gauze Screen Suspended between the Towers on a Dyneema Rope System with Lift & Pull Tracking & 3D Floor Projection, the creation of a complete 3D Environment that was visible in the round for 7,500 people, the incredible content bought to life by XEC Studio. We introduced state of the art LED Technology with 7,500 LED Bracelets that were programmed to the various triggers in the content. Artists & Acrobats co-ordintaed to form Body Paint & UV Element Desert Creatures such as a Camel, Oryx & Flaminco before appearing as the Giant Golden Falcon Trophy in the Finale. The acrobats also performed throughout the show. The Stunning & Culturally powerful Musical Score "Lustre" from Dana Alfardan & Maias Alyamani performed by 8 QPO Musicians painted in stunning Invisible UV Paints. A re-inactment of two of the Iconic ATP World Tour Launch Stunts, the Flying Carpet Court & the Water Court were bought to life & a comical twist to a match with the "Hawk-eye" with Matrix element & a shot into the sky which released 7,500 Real Branded Balls onto the audience in a Unique Traditional Basket System which aligned with the Cultural Identity. The finale saw the addition of 19 Human Bronzed Statues of each of the Winners that paid Tribute to themselves & the 25th Champion Novak Djokovic and continued on into the Award Ceremony with Stunning Synchronised Fireworks by Pyrosolution. Powerful voiceovers by Court Announcer Andy Taylor were incorporated into the show.

The Amazing Airbrushed UV Costumes for the Human Creatures & Musicians was a stunning edition the the Spectacular performance, taking a "Studio" effect & placing into a live performance within a 3D Projected Environment.

* World Class Spectacular - Check

* Celebrating 25 Years (Video Tribute, LED Bracelets, Fireworks & Confetti) - Check

* Audience Interaction (LED Bracelets, Branded Balls) - Check

* Tribute to 25 Years of Champions (Video Tribute, Human Statues) - Check

* Traditional Qatar Identity (Traditional Actors, City Growth, Real Time Airbrushed Acrobatic Animals) - Check

* Never Before Seen Elements (Flying Dyneema Screen, Real Time Airbrushed Acrobatic Animals, UV Blacklight Music Instruments) 

* Original Soundtrack Created by Dana Alfardan Daughter of one of the founders of the Tournament. - Check

* Real Time Execution (2 Minutes install & show begin after Game Set & Match) - Check