Caserta, Italia | 04. September 2005

  • Director: Yannis Michalandos
  • Client: Collection Model Management & City Of Caserta

Celebrating 60 Years of the province of Caserta saw us create a Unique & Spectacular Entertainment Fashion Show in the stunning gardens of Caserta's Palace Vanvitelli. A beautiful natural setting was the venue backdrop which enhanced the entire event. Despite a rain which made the setup & rehearsals almost impossible a few short hours before the event it cleared & all production when into high gear to make the impossible a reality. Fire Performers, Aerialists, Singers, Dancers, Special Effects & amazing lighting....

The evening's program included:

- A show that was held near the Fountain of Aeolus, conducted by Luisa Corna and Fabio Canino, according to a profile narrative that will inspire the show, performances, moments related to fashion, the presence of guests and of testimonials.

- A parade of jewelery goldsmiths of Caserta and performances inspired by the fire

- A wine tasting and exhibition of artists from Waterwall

- Two artists flying over the audience using an Aerial silk with a fashion show

- A taste of mozzarella Caserta with an Acrobatic/Contortion Performance

- The concert Massimo Ranieri with the intervention of the flautist Andrea Grimelli who will play an instrument in gold and diamonds specially packaged for him