Kuwait City, Kuwait | 06. July 2013

  • Director: Yannis Michalandos
  • Client: Sheikh Talal Al Sabah - KMWFCT LOC

Yannis Michalandos concieved, produced & directed the Opening Ceremony of the Kuwait Mini World Futsal Club Tournament for HH Sheikh Talal Al Sabah. The unique world tournament presented us a unique opportunity to showcase talents from around the world mixed with amazing Media Production Content.....the automation of the media & the challenges were all planned to create a uniquely original spectacular. With over 100 cast, 30 crew, it was truly a epic challenge.

Yannis bought together artists from around the world to showcase in this spectacular, with stunning Live Musical performances. The Media Production was through our partners, 1507 Live Design for Projection, Hectic Electric & Tree-On for the Media Content Creation, add in Renderfarm Graphics & Condor as technical. 

The result was a succesful but challenging Opening Ceremony......