Milano, Italia | 26. November 2004

  • Director: Yannis Michalandos
  • Client: Newtown SRL & Luca Tommassini

Yannis Michalandos was Artistic Director for Luca Tommassini providing exciting Artists to showcase the Fashion. The event was produced by Newton SRL. 

The Diesel showcase of the event included Rosaria De Souza, Pyromantics, Drumatical Theatre & 2nd Species..... 

MILAN ROCKIN'FASHION was a great event held November 26 at Mazdapalace of Milan. For the first time top designers paraded with Italian and international artists. An event that you will actually be wearing, in fact, the ticket was an exclusive t-shirt made especially by designers participating in this event. The proceeds were donated to CONVIVIO ANLAIDS. 

Designers: GFFerrè, D'Squared, Just Cavalli, C'N'C Costume National, Exte, Iceberg, Philosophy, Adidas, Frankie Morello, Versace Jeans, John Richmond 
Artists: Seal, Tunde, The Servant, Mousse T, Good Charlotte, Meg, Velvet, Two Black, Absolute Zero, Leeroy Thornhill, Tasty Tim, Raiz, Skye Sweetnam