Commachio, Italia | 02. June 2005

  • Director: Yannis Michalandos
  • Client: Collection Events

Yannis Michalandos directed the Artistic Performance for the 2005 S'filata D'Amore e Moda at the Tre Ponte of Commachio. With the Live Fashion TV Production the key is to execute the impossible in real time & create stunning images for the TV as well as interacting with the Fashion itself. Amazing Aerial performances by Rafal Rajkowski flying from roof top to roof top on a 60m crane & landing perfectly between runway models. Amazing Fire/Pyro performances from Flame Oz, Handvoltage & Iconic Aerial Fire Cube, Broadway Superstar Lana Gordon with amazing performance & Drumatical Theatre, all artists coming together in a showcase finale that achieved the highest rating segment of the Italian Summer.