The mythic depths of the Big Blue, give birth like Venus to our Water Performers, Strength, Grace, flowing motion of a Wave of performance. Crashing Waves, Splashing Water, Mermaids from the depths & torrents of Performances wet & soak the Viewers Appetite. Water is mans greatest resource & from it we have created performance elements which create the Greatest impact & appeal. Our Aqua elements include Synchronized Swimmers,Dancing Fountains, Modern Water Dance, Waterbowl, WaterMartial Arts, Aqua Adagio, Water Drums, Water Ball, ChainStraps, Wave Loch, Water Creatures, Nets, Water SwingWater Wall & More. Our use of Water as a medium inspires our imagination & passion to immerse within its magic, we are able to create the water elements needed to make the perfomance.

“Immerse yourself & make a Splash......” 

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