The Uniqueness of each element is to Dream, Earth, Wind, Water & Fire are the pure raw elements of life but the imagination is the future of each. To be Unique is to be an Artist who Creates, our Uniqueness is the Birth Of Art. No boundaries, no limitations, just a Dream which makes us Unique. Our Unique Artists to say the least are an adrenaline thrill, from insane Aerial Cable Artists, Vertical Wall Madness, Freestyle Jetski, Mobile Deko Performers, Moto X-cross, Big Air, BMX & SK8, Urban Street Flow, Pyro Hang Gliders, Waterski Pyramides, Powerboats, Fighter Planes, Sky Diving Acrobats, Stunt Artist to Base Jumpers, Air Chalenges & beyond. The constant need & desire to discover the newest & hottest performance elements push us into the depths of our insanity & creative minds. A creation zone in which we excel, this constant drive places us in a realm which is our paradise.

“Our limits are governed by FEAR - False Evidence Appearing Real” 

Back in the Zone