Il Fuoco – An explosion of fire & flame, energy & vibes, the passion of performance catches on fire & the Stage is engulfed in Flame. Fire, Fire, all around enchanting & mesmerizing the viewer, fear & awe to the burning flames of FUOCO As Fire draws moths to the flame, so are people, the fascination of the Pyromaniac within us. Our performers & performancetake Fire to another level, making it an artwork, our elementsinclude Fire Eating, Flame Throwers, Fire Dancers, Light Vision UV, Spirit Fire, Pyro Fire, Fire Sculptures, Aerial Fire, Fire Hoops, Fire Cube, Lasermand, Fire Fingers & more. The modern fire performance is no longer a performance by hippies tripping by a camp fire, instead a world class performance choreographed, with amazing costumes, SPFX,set decorations & acrobatic dance elements.

“Ignite the flame & watch the fire explode from within......”

Back in the Zone