From the Depths of the Earth, life was cast, Strength & the body moves as one with the salt of time. The movement of the human form beyond logic & gravity emerges the pure raw strength of the Terra Pura – the Pure Earth. Strength & Power, a strong performance element with its feet firmly fixed on the ground. The powerful mix of performance includes, Adagio, Banquinne, Contortion, Juggling, Hand-Balance Hoops, Cube Juggling, Diablo, Russian Bars, Highbar, Russian Swing, Fast Track, Trampoline, Wall, Tumbling, Tumbling, Chinese Poles, German Wheels, Cyr Wheel, Stilt Walking, Chairs, Icarian, Ladders, Mouse Trap, Baton & more. The Ground performance is a the one performance were we aim to keep our feet firmly planted on the ground although at times we are forced to push the limits & leap beyond the earth.

“Strength & Power, performance that will shake your foundations...”

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