Austria | 21. February 2024

  • Director: Phoenix Productions
  • Client: 

The unprecedented spectacle combines artistic disciplines such as acrobatics, gymnastics, aerial acrobatics, fire juggling, martial arts, black light theater and dance at the highest level. Flames of the Phoenix in the audience of the fire bird is kidnapped on a multimedia journey through space, time and light. Despite changing forms on the way down through the ages of human history always remains a pervasive: the eternal energies of love and seduction, as well as the ongoing struggle between light and darkness in their struggle for power. The recurring tides of life and the fire as a sacred symbol of self-renewal are key in the play of forces of good and evil and find a spectacular climax in the brilliant finale. Phoenix, the mythical fire bird, since ancient times is the symbolic unification power of the element fire and the renewal associated at the end of a cycle by rising from its own ashes. This impressive show creation is absolutely distinctive and falls into no previously known genre. The artistic excellence on stage and in the air are interactive accompanied with sensational special effects such as lasers, pyrotechnics, projections, lighting and LED technology. The incredible scenery and fantastic costumes make the overall composition a memorable show experience of stunning looks - a wonderfully fresh and exciting new style of performance art! Phoenix Creative is to see the world for many years on the biggest stages, charmed repeatedly made by New elaborately staged performances and inspired every audience from young to old. With Flames of the Phoenix, the international force has (with headquarters in Vienna) once again surpassed themselves, and made another breakthrough. Immerse yourself in a mesmerizing atmosphere full of vivid colors and acettenreicher forms of movement.

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