• Director: Rafal Rajkowski
  • Client: Fly Cube Productions

It tells us a story about one of the most known antic hero, Hercules. When we first meet him, we could say, he's at the top. It seems to be no possibility that somebody or something could disturb this life. But the lot is sometimes cruel, and the doom is unavoidable. The might goddess Hera puts a curse on Hercules, who in a time of madness kills his own wife. Cooling down after a while, he comprehends what happened, but it's too late. His whole future life will be marked with crime. Clasicall
tragedy of one man in its primary issue. Love, hatred, good vs. evil fight, courage and ruse. But, as it sometimes in fairytales is, gallantry and kindness are profitable and after passing the twelve works, Hercules pays back his guilts. The message,that is carried by the myth about Hercules is clear and understandable for everybody regardless of race, sex or age. More important, it's still actual, altough that ages had passed, and mankind still faces with similar problems. The show, which is presented by artist, has another meaning. Sport is an art, in which the matters are the capabillities of human body.
The Flycube artist are using their sport abilities acquired by hard sport training. In the show 'Hercules", the audience will see perfectly known from sport competitions track jumps, team excercises, strength excercises and elements of artisctic gymnastcis with a mix of circus gymnastic in a fairy-like framing ballet choreography, magical lights,
decorated with a bit of pyrotechnics. And everything in outstanding costumes.
The acrobatic staff counts 20 people, 4 drummers and the technical staff-4.
The preparations of the show require making a trial the day before the show.

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